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Inside Spokane Photography: Our Travel Policy

One of the most common questions we get is whether we'll travel to listings outside of Spokane. And the answer is definitely YES! We think of ourselves as your real estate media partner. So if you’re a regular client of ours and you get a listing that’s way out…we’re not going to leave you hanging. We are willing to travel up to 2 hrs from Spokane.

That said, long driving times really eat into our availability for other appointments.

So with busy season upon us, we adjusted our calendar a little! You can still do online instant booking within our service area of 35 miles from downtown Spokane (this includes Coeur d’Alene). For shoots that are farther out, you can reach out to us to schedule the shoot.

We will try to group shoots in a similar area if possible, and will put farther out shoots on Fridays or Saturdays so we can preserve availability on Monday-Thursday (typically our busiest days).

We do not charge travel fees, but we do have a $350 minimum for shoots outside of our service area. Think of this like adding another item to get free just feels better than paying a straight-up fee, and it gives you the opportunity to try out something new.

We recommend Matterport tours for those far away listings, so buyers can tour the house virtually & make sure they’re seriously interested before making the drive themselves. 3D tours also allow out-of-state buyers to check the house out! And of course, if your listing is on a bigger property or in a really beautiful location, then drone is a must. Our virtual twilights and Reels are also great add-ons if you've been interested in trying those!


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