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Why We Love Matterport Tours + Floor Plans

For out-of-town buyers (and really, any buyer who cares about the layout), virtual tours and floor plans are awesome. They really allow buyers to understand how the house fits together and whether that layout matches their needs. As any parent knows, it's not just the total bed/bath count that matters, but where those bedrooms and bathrooms are located. We capture high quality Matterport tours and detailed schematic floor plans to help you clearly communicate the layout and market your listing to the fullest.

Here's an example of a Matterport tour:

And here is a floor plan:

We really love Matterport tours and floor plans because they are so helpful for buyers. We have heard that often, buyers will "walk through" the Matterport tour over and over again in that time period after their offer is accepted and before the house closes. This helps them to start making plans for furniture arrangements and any remodeling they may want to do after the house closes...and it helps them to feel assured and reminded of all the things they loved about the house when they toured it in person! It's also a great way for buyers to send the house to their parents, friends, or family that live out of town, so they can also "tour" the house virtually.

What do you think? Do you find Matterport tours and floor plans to be helpful?


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