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Testimonial Videos & Branding Video Services

We all know word of mouth is the most trusted form of marketing. But how can you take those recommendations and amplify them for a bigger impact? The answer, my friends, is testimonial videos! These are a fantastic way to show potential clients what they can expect when working with you. Rather than YOU telling them how great you are, let them hear directly from your happy past clients. 😄 In today's day and age, everyone looks up reviews and checks out people's websites and social media before making a decision...for small things like Amazon purchases, and certainly for big things like buying or selling a house!! Whether you're a real estate agent, or any small business owner, testimonial videos are a really smart marketing investment that you can put everyone: on your website, your Google Business page, your YouTube channel, your Facebook page, your Instagram (pin it to the top of your profile!), and email signature.

Interested? For the month of October we are offering 30% off ALL branding videos, including testimonial videos, "about" videos, neighborhood videos, talking head Reels, and more!

Learn more about our branding video services here and use promo code OCTOBRAND when checking out. Any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out!!


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