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What is a Virtual Twilight?

Getting twilight photos taken at sunset is a great way to make your listing stand out from all the other daytime real estate photos. But did you know that we can also get pretty great looking twilights without having to bother your sellers with an additional after-hours appointment? These are called virtual twilights, and they're created by converting a daytime photo in Photoshop to look like it was shot at sunset.

These do look a bit more artificial than a real twilight photo, but they are also more cost-effective because they don't require a separate photo shoot. We can convert one virtual twilight for $25 or 3 for $65 (compared to real twilights which are $300 for 4+ photos).

Not only do these save you money, but they're also more convenient for your sellers, they'll always feature a beautiful sunset sky, and they still accomplish the same goal of catching people's attention. Like with "real twilights," these will look the best on houses with big windows...however, we can create virtual twilights for any house. We can also add fire to fire pits and "turn on" twinkle lights in the backyard...all with the power of Photoshop. :)

If you're interested in these, let us know!


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