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Hey homeowner! We want to make sure your home is marketed as well as possible! Having the house prepped well makes a big difference in how it will be perceived online. To help us present your home in the best light, please take careful consideration of the items below and complete them BEFORE we show up. Your real estate agent may have additional advice, but from a real estate photographer's perspective, these are the basics! 


Please keep pets out of the house during your appointment. If possible, it also helps if the family can leave while we're capturing your photos. We're happy to work around you if we need to, but having a vacant house will allow us to work efficiently, stay focused, and ensure we don't have people and pets in your photos. :) 

- Clean and vacuum the entire house

- Wash windows & wipe down walls

- Hide pet belongings in garage or closet (food bowls, beds, litter boxes, etc.)

- Declutter surfaces

- Depersonalize (you want future buyers to imagine themselves living in the home)

- Put shoes, jackets, and personal belongings in closets

- Make sure cars are not parked in the driveway, in front of house, or in the garage (if you want garage photos)

- Hide all trash cans 

- Focus your energy on the spaces that matter: we don't usually take photos inside of regular size closets or storage rooms.

- On the other hand, the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and front exterior should be as dialed in as possible.


- Clear off countertops. Remove small appliances like toasters, blenders & Instant Pots. Leave just a few attractive items out like a nice espresso machine, a bowl of lemons, a potted plant, etc.

- Clear the refrigerator of magnets, photos, etc.

- If you have food stored visibly, hide it in the pantry or behind cabinet doors (things like bags of chips on top of the fridge are distracting in photos)

- Hide garbage cans in pantry or closet

- Make sure there aren't dishes in the sink



- Make all beds

- Clear nightstand of all personal items (photos, toiletries, etc.)

- Store away phone/tablet charging cables

- Remove all clutter from top of dressers

- Check under beds and remove any items that may show in photos



- Clear countertops of all personal items (toothbrushes, deodorant, curling irons, etc.)

- Remove ALL personal items from showers and tubs (shampoo, razors, loofahs, etc. - this is one people often forget)

- Remove bath mats

- Remove towels (both bath towels and hand towels)

- Remove Kleenex boxes 

- Hide trash cans

- Put toilet seats down



- Roll up hoses

- Remove kids toys from yard (except large play structures)

- Arrange lawn furniture nicely

- Mow the lawn

- If seasonally appropriate: shovel the walk neatly or clear it of leaves.


- Turn all overhead lights in the house ON

- Replace any missing or burned out light bulbs

- Turn all ceiling fans OFF

- Turn all TVs and computer screens OFF

- Open blinds/window treatments to let in as much light as possible

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