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Getting Ready for Real Estate Photos: A Prep List for Sellers!

We’ve photographed several thousand houses by now, and we can tell you this for sure: Taking the time to prep your house well BEFORE we show up for photos will make a huge difference in how those photos turn out and how your home is perceived. Everyone looks online first, so the photos, video, and 3D tours are your chance to make a great first impression on buyers. ✨ And while we're happy to help adjust a few things here and there, we usually only have about 10 minutes to help with prep.

Spokane real estate agents: we want to help your sellers focus their energy on what matters for photos, so we made a prep list from a real estate photographer’s perspective of the easiest ways to make a BIG impact with cleaning & decluttering—including some sneaky ones people tend to forget (looking at you, magnets on the fridge & showers full of bottles!).

Check out our prep list here for all our top recommendations.


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