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Why Hire Us For Your Real Estate Media?

We think we produce beautiful photos and video...but then again, so do a lot of real estate photographers in Spokane. So why should you hire us, specifically? Here are ten ways that we aim to stand out as your trusted, go-to real estate media team in Spokane:

1. We pride ourselves on customer service. Providing amazing service is something we are passionate about! We take pride in our work and happily welcome opportunities to go above and beyond. Whether that means doing last-minute prep to make a house look its best, delivering photos quicker than 24 hours, or helping you to refine your voiceover script...we're here to serve you! We try our best to be flexible and accommodating.

2. We are your advocate. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you. We will support you, speak well of you, and vouch for your expertise when you leave the room. And you can trust us to reflect positively on you with your sellers. We promise to show up on time, be friendly and professional, and treat your clients (and their homes) with respect. We know how hard you've worked to build your brand and reputation, and you can rely on us to be a complement to that.

3. We are your marketing partner. We have a background in marketing, a strong presence on Instagram, and an understanding of the type of content that resonates. We love to support our clients and engage with them on social media, and often share the listings we've shot. We don't consider ourselves to be "just photographers"...we think of ourselves as your marketing partner to help you sell your listings, build your brand, and generate leads!

4. You gain a library of quality photos to use. We allow you to use the images we've captured for your listings in your own personal marketing...even after the house sale closes. We see so many real estate agents using templates and generic stock photos, and honestly they all blend together. By having your own library of unique, original photos, your content will stand out and be so much more authentic and engaging.

5. We are house lovers! Here's the truth: we aren't just passionate about photography in general. We got into this business specifically to shoot real estate, because we LOOOOVE houses. Big mansions, small starter homes, old houses with original charm, new construction with contemporary details, even the total fixer-uppers...we see the beauty in them all. Every house has a story to tell, and we get to tell that story with our camera (it's the best job ever). We approach each shoot by seeing what makes the HOUSE special: looking for the compositions, angles, and details that will resonate with buyers.

6. We are a team! Inside Spokane was started by a husband-wife team, and we now have multiple additional photographers on our team. That means you get all the strengths & talents of multiple people, rolled into one! Being a team allows us to complete big shoots in a more timely, efficient manner. We can have each of us shoot at the same time (like doing video and photos on different floors, or having one of us take drone photos while the other shoots the interior). This means less time that you and your sellers have to be waiting around. It also means that we have more availability. Need a shoot next-day, or on the weekend? There's a good chance we can accommodate!

7. We love feedback and seek to learn your preferences. We've worked hard to refine our photography and video style...but we are also totally open to YOUR vision. After all, it's your listing and brand that we're representing. We don't have big egos, and we welcome your feedback and preferences. If you know what you like, please communicate that to us! We want you to be thrilled with your photos and video.

8. Affordable, straightforward pricing. We believe that every listing should get professional photography and media. This is important for your brand and reputation. Our intention is to make professional photos, video, 3D tours, and aerials affordable for the average house in Spokane...not just high-end, luxury listings. Our prices are straightforward and transparent, and listed right on our website. You can order individual services, or get package pricing within our popular bundles. We never charge rescheduling/cancellation fees, and we don't charge travel fees as long as your order is over $350.

9. We are easy to work with. We know real estate is time-sensitive, so we always respond quickly. We also try to make it super convenient to work with us. If you'd like to book a shoot directly from our can do that. If you'd rather call, email, DM, or text, we're available all those ways too. Our goal is to make your life easier, not the other way around!

10. We are a one-stop-shop. We don't just do real estate photography...we can also create video walkthroughs, 3D tours, floor plans, drone aerials, twilight photos, and more. This saves you time over hiring and coordinating multiple vendors. You're busy and your time is valuable. Our job is to lighten your load and simplify your life. Just choose the services you want, and we'll handle the rest!

We know you work really hard to serve your clients, and in turn we'll work really hard to serve you. We genuinely want to provide value to you and contribute to your success. We have a lot of respect and gratitude for our clients, and we hope you see that displayed in the way we treat you.

Check out our reviews on Google to see what other clients have said about working with us!


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