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Custom Social Media Reels

Introducing…Custom Social Media Reels!! 📱✨

We still love our walkthrough Reels, but we also wanted to offer options for social media content that’s more unique & customized. It's our goal to stay ahead of the trends to help you stand out and build your brand.

Custom social media Reels are creative, short vertical videos. They are excellent for “coming soon” teasers & additional content. Meant to supplement your listing video (not replace it) they are a fun way to maximize your social media marketing for each listing.

We are now offering custom Social Media Reels in our new “Social Media Bundle” or as an individual add-on. See some examples on our Instagram (@insidespokane).

Quick info:

- Pricing is $250 a la carte, or the Social Media Bundle is an awesome value that includes a custom Reel

- Length will be around 30 seconds or less.

- We can add captions if you want!

- We recommend being on camera yourself - either speaking or b-roll style clips of you walking in the neighborhood or through the house.

- We love creative ideas for these! As a general rule, it's best to start with something catchy and engaging with you on camera, then cut to some footage of the house.

- If you have an idea, we’ll bring it to life! Or if you need help with ideas, let us know ahead of time & we can help come up with something fun.


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