FAQ: Inside Spokane Photography

Hello! We're Ben and Aileen, husband-wife team and the owners of Inside Spokane Photography...your local one-stop-shop for real estate photography, aerial drone photography, listing videos, 3D Matterport tours, and more. We aim to stand out by offering super fast turnaround times, consistent high quality, and customer service that goes above and beyond. Want to know more about us and what we offer? Check out this post about what makes us different, and scroll down for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What services do you offer?

We specialize in real estate marketing content, which includes:

- Real Estate Photography - Real Estate Videography

- Agent Intro/Voiceover - Aerial Drone Photos/Video - 3D Matterport Virtual Tours - 2D Floor Plans - Dedicated Single Property Websites

- Branding/About Us Videos - Client Testimonial Videos - Virtual Twilight Images & More

Besides real estate listings, we also love to shoot other interior spaces, including:

- Airbnbs/vacation rentals

- Interior design projects/renovations

- New construction

- Commercial spaces

What is your turnaround time?

We offer 24 hour turnaround for real estate photos, virtual twilight photos, 3D Matterport virtual tours, 2D floor plans, and dedicated property websites. And if you're working with a really tight timeline, we can do same-day delivery for photos, for a $50 rush fee (let us know ahead of time if you will need this so we can plan accordingly). For video, our standard is 48 hour turnaround (but again, let us know if you need it sooner and we will do our best!).

What are your rates?

Our rates are very competitive for quality real estate media. Our pricing is straightforward and transparent.

Pricing for our major services starts at these rates, and increases based on the size/scope of the project:

Photography $125+ Video $175+ Matterport 3D Tour $150+ Aerial Drone Photos $95+ 2D Schematic Floor Plans $75+ Dedicated Property Website $15

You can find a full list of our rates here.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is due at time of delivery. You can preview everything before you pay, to make sure it all looks good!

What kind of houses do you shoot?

Big or small, fancy or simple, we love capturing all kinds of houses. We also shoot Airbnbs, commercial spaces, and land. We believe that, if you want top dollar, professional photography is always worthwhile...no matter what price you're listing at.

Are you licensed & insured?

Yes! Our business is insured, and we are licensed with FAA Part 107 certification for drone photos/video. You can trust us to be professional and respectful on every shoot.

Can you Photoshop that out?

As much as we’d like to say “Sure!"...most of the time, we don't recommend it.

First of all, we don't want to be deceptive or misrepresent a house on the MLS. So we can’t Photoshop out wall damage, cracks in the foundation, power lines, or a bad paint job (sorry!). But what we CAN do is take photos from strategic angles to highlight the house’s positive features and downplay any negatives.

We also do offer “virtual decluttering” starting at $15/photo. Sometimes your sellers live out of town or there is an item too heavy for them to move. In those cases, Photoshop may be the best solution and we're happy to do it. But in most cases, we recommend having the house actually cleaned up & decluttered before we come to shoot the photos. That way, it’ll look good for photos AND for showings!

What's your photography style?

We always aim for accurate, but flattering (this goes along with the point above!). We want rooms to feel spacious and bright, but we never want buyers to feel deceived either (this is why we don't use ultra wide angle lenses).

Our goal is to capture the true colors and feel of the house, while favoring a "light and bright" aesthetic.

How do I book a shoot?

We make it really easy! To book a shoot online, simply visit our online ordering form, add the services you want, enter details like the property address, select your preferred appointment time, and place the order. We will follow up same-day with a booking confirmation via email.

If you prefer to talk to someone directly, you can also call/text us at 509-713-2008 or send an email to insidespokanephotography@gmail.com.

How many photos should I order?

We purposely charge by the number of photos instead of by square footage. A small house with nice finishes may warrant more shots than a large house that's in rough shape. A house with an awesome yard and multiple outbuildings will call for more shots than a house with a small, basic yard. If you want detail shots for social media, or multiple angles of each room, that will increase your shot count. We've built our pricing so you have that choice!

But in general, we recommend our minimal package (20 photos) for houses under 1500 sq ft, our standard package (30 photos) for houses between 2000-3500 sq ft, and our premium package (50 photos) for houses above 4000 sq ft. For houses in those middle zones, you could go either way. If it's nicely furnished & remodeled, we'd probably go for the larger package. If it's empty & outdated, the smaller package will probably suffice. P.S. If you order drone photos, those are not part of your shot count!

How far out are you booked?

We know that things move fast in real estate, so we try to leave room in our schedule for last-minute appointments. We can even shoot on weekends if we need to. Feel free to reach out and we'll see if we can fit you in, even if it's for a next-day appointment!

What's your cancellation or rescheduling policy?

We do not charge cancellation or rescheduling fees. Things happen, and we understand that most of the time it's not your choice! We do ask for at least 24 hours notice if possible. If you think you may need to reschedule but you're not 100% sure yet, just give us a heads up.

Will you travel outside of Spokane?

Yes! If you're an agent based in Spokane and it's a listing that you would travel for, then there's a good chance we'll go there too! And we don't charge travel fees for orders of $250+!

For listings that are farther away, it's much appreciated if you can give us a little more advance notice. That way, we can try to coordinate multiple appointments in the same area and be efficient with our driving.

How long will the shoot take?

It depends on how big the house is, the services you ordered, and how well the house was prepped before we arrive. But for standard photos, you can expect the shoot to last about an hour. We build in extra time between shoots so we make sure we can fully capture the feel of your house, and still have plenty of time to make it to our next shoot on-time. We never want you to feel rushed!

How should I prepare a property for a real estate photo shoot?

We have a printable checklist here! The main things are:

- Open all blinds or window treatments

- Turn on all interior lights (ceiling fans off). Replace any burned out lightbulbs

- Turn all TVs and computer screens off

- Declutter and remove personal belongings (don't forget the shower!)

- Remove small appliances from kitchen counters

- Remove vehicles from the driveway or front of the house

- Hide all garbage cans (inside ones can be hidden in the pantry or closets, outside cans can be rolled into the garage or out of view)

- Hide all pet bowls/dog beds/litterboxes

Having the home prepped upon our arrival will help us to your get your photos or video done much more efficiently!

Have other questions or want more clarification? Don't hesitate to reach out! If you're ready to book a shoot, fill out our ordering form here. We look forward to hearing from you.