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3D Tours, Floor Plans & More: Which Services to Choose?

Here at Inside Spokane Photography, we aren't "just" real estate photographers. We also provide a full range of real estate media to help your listings stand out. Besides photos, we also create listing videos, aerial photos, 3D Matterport tours, floor plans, and more. But we know that sometimes, with more choice comes more confusion. Which services make the most sense for your listing?? Which ones are most helpful to buyers? Which ones give you the best bang for your marketing budget? Hopefully this post will help!

Behind-the-scenes: This is the 360 camera we use to create 3D Virtual Tours


Let's start with video. We already wrote a whole post about video, but here's the short version: listing videos are highly engaging, quick and easy to consume, and perform very well on social media. They are an awesome way to build trust and stand out as a cutting-edge agent.

Consider a video if any of the following apply:

- It's a higher-end home

- You want to show the flow of the house in an engaging way

- You want to build your brand as an agent

One of the best things about video is that it lives on your social media channels even after the house sells. Watching your previous videos will help potential clients get to know you, and see what you offer as part of your listing package. This is huge for generating leads!

Here is an example of a standard video + agent intro + drone footage:


Aerial photos (aka drone photos) are fantastic for showing a large lot, proximity to attractions, and a different perspective that you can't capture from the ground. They definitely grab attention and make your listing stand out! Besides aerial photos, we also love aerial video. We can include drone shots in your listing videos, or create a video that's all drone (perfect for land listings).

Consider aerials if any of the following apply:

- The house is situated on a large lot

- The property is close to attractions like the river, a lake, or downtown.

- The house is on a slope that makes it hard to get good exterior photos from the ground

- You want to show a unique perspective that will make your listing stand out

Here's an example of a house on the lake, where an aerial view helped to show off the gorgeous location:


We love video, but it's not the same thing as a virtual tour. A video walkthrough only shows the buyer selective pieces of the property, usually in a very quick manner. With a virtual tour, the buyer gets full control over what they see and how long they stay there. They can view the home at their own pace and explore whatever draws their interest. Our virtual tours are powered by Matterport, which let you "walk through" the house by clicking on dots on the floor. This creates an experience that's almost like touring the house in person. The dollhouse view gives buyers a clear look at the layout and how all the spaces connect with each other.

Consider a 3D virtual tour if any of the following apply:

- The house could attract out-of-town buyers

- You want your showings to be serious buyers

- It's a large house or the layout is unusual

3D tours are super helpful for buyers. However, compared to video, they are less useful for building your personal brand as an agent. There isn't a way for agents to be in the Matterport tour, and you can't post it on your personal social media (unless you make a screen recording).

Here is an example of a 3D virtual tour:


Schematic floor plans are helpful for buyers to visualize the size and layout of the house. Our detailed 2D floor plans include room labels, approximate dimensions, and depictions of where the window and door placements are. Floor plans are quick and easy to understand, and they can help buyers figure out if their furnishings will fit well in the house. Not many agents in Spokane are offering them yet, so adding floor plans can really make you and your listings stand out.

Consider a floor plan if any of the following apply:

- It's a large house or the layout is unusual

- You want your showings to be serious buyers

- You want your listing to stand out from the rest

Pricing: Our 2D schematic floor plans start at $75, or $30 as an add-on to a 3D tour.


Getting photos taken at sunset is a great way to make your listing stand apart. BUT it requires a separate evening appointment and there's no guarantee that the sky will cooperate. So our favorite way to create these scroll-stopping exteriors is to edit a daytime photo to LOOK like it was shot at sunset.

Virtual twilights achieve the same goal of catching people's attention and standing out from all the other daytime photos...but they're way more convenient & much less expensive, since they do not require a separate dusk appointment. And we can guarantee a gorgeous sky!

Consider a virtual twilight if:

- You want your listing's first photo to stand out & grab attention

- You want the wow factor of a twilight photo without having to book a second appointment

- The front of the house is not blocked by trees

Pricing: Virtual twilights start at $25.

Hopefully, this breakdown helps you get an idea of which add-ons make sense for which listings. Of course, we think all of these services add value (that's why we offer them!) but they definitely make sense in some situations more than others.

If you have any questions, we'd love to talk it over with you! We can help you figure out which add-ons will be most useful for your particular listing and which ones can help you reach your overall marketing goals.

Feel free to give us a call at 509-713-2008 or send an email to


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