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Should You Order a Floor Plan?

According to a recent NAR study, floor plans were ranked one of the top three things that buyers find useful when looking at houses—right after the photos & property description. Floor plans were considered "very useful" across all age categories, but especially for millennials (31-40 age group). Indeed, as millennials ourselves, we find that floor plans are extremely helpful in visualizing the size & layout of a house. We have little kids, so we don't just care about how many bedrooms there are...we want to see HOW the bedrooms are situated and whether that makes sense for our family.

We're real estate photographers, so of course we also think photos are extremely important...but they only tell part of the story. Photos can't fully show the layout and flow of a house.

A floor plan helps buyers get a fuller picture ahead of time, so they can rule out houses that don't match their layout criteria. That way, your sellers only have to clean & leave the house for qualified showings where the buyers have already vetted the floor plan and are still really interested.

Even after a buyer views the house in person, the floor plan is a helpful tool to remember details about it. After a full day of showings, all the houses can start to run together. Being able to refer back to a floor plan will help buyers differentiate your house from the others, and remember what they liked about it.

We think a floor plan can make sense for ANY house, but especially a large house with a floor plan that isn't super basic & straightforward.

Our schematic 2D floor plans include details like window and door placements, and all fixed elements such as bathtubs, cabinets, fireplaces, and more. They also provide approximate dimensions for each room.

And we also offer a 3D floor plan option to help buyers get an even better sense of the house, with furniture, countertops, and flooring added!


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