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Special Editing: Virtual Staging & Clutter Removal

Sometimes a house needs a little extra love in editing. And we can absolutely sprinkle a little magic Photoshop fairy dust when the situation calls for it. As a caveat, we never want to be deceptive or misrepresent a house on the MLS, so we won’t edit out wall damage, cracks in the foundation, or structural issues. But there are many situations where virtual edits make a lot of sense. Here are some examples of our special editing:


Without furniture, a vacant home can look empty and uninviting. Virtual staging brings these rooms to life and shows the potential.

After virtual staging:

After virtual staging:

After virtual staging:


Clutter is distracting in photos, and makes a room look smaller. We recommend having your sellers declutter their house before your photo appointment, but we know there are often rooms where there is simply too much stuff to move in-person. Virtual clutter removal is a great option for these situations, to keep buyers' attention focused on the room's size and potential, instead of all the stuff.

After clutter removal:

These special edits are more time-consuming than our normal editing workflow, so they are an extra charge (see pricing here). Of course, it's ideal to have your sellers actually prep the house, or get the house staged for real. This gives us options for multiple angles of each room, it means that the photos will match the video & 3D tours, and most importantly, the house will match the photos when buyers come to view it in real life.

But we know things aren't always ideal. Sometimes, due to a rushed timeline or various other factors, special edits are the best/only option. It's good to know you have this option in your back pocket, in case you need it! We're here to make your life easier, and make your listings look as good as possible.


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