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Leveraging Your Media Beyond the MLS

Spokane Realtors: did you know that you can use the photos, video, and other media we’ve captured for you in your own personal marketing? That means even after that particular listing has closed, the photos can continue to provide you value.

Here are some ways to leverage your photos from a current or past listing:

📱 Social media posts (try putting a bunch of photos together into a Reel, or doing a roundup of kitchens, bedrooms, staging, etc.

💻 Your website & email marketing (so much better than generic stock photos).

🏡 Facebook ads and marketing campaigns

⭐️ Your Google My Business page (adding photos will help you rank higher!)

💌 Print materials like postcards & flyers

📒 Your listing presentation and any educational material you give to buyers & sellers.

Every listing is an opportunity to strengthen your brand & build your business. Don’t just put the photos on the MLS…leverage all that media to help you find your next buyers & sellers!

P.S. The same goes for Airbnb owners: you can totally use the photos we provide for your website, emails, social media, and print marketing as well!


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