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Do We Need to Reschedule For Rainy Weather?

What do we do on rainy days? In most cases, we press onward with our scheduled appointments! Most likely, your sellers have worked super hard to get the house ready, and you don't want them to lose that momentum. While rain isn't ideal, it's usually just fine for real estate photos. We can edit in a blue sky (included for free) so your exteriors look bright & cheery, just as if they were shot on a clear, sunny day. Overcast skies can actually produce really nice photos, as they make the lighting even with no harsh shadows.

Here's an example of a photo that was shot on a drizzly, gray day (see the original photo below). You'd never know, right?

There ARE a few situations where weather conditions may affect your photo shoot though:

- If it's icy and snowy, if road conditions are dangerous, or if there's a big storm, we may ask to reschedule

- If it's very foggy or smoky, we won't be able to see the views. So if it's a house where the views are important, this may be a reason to reschedule.

- If it's very windy or rainy, we won't be able to fly the drone. So if it's a listing where aerials are crucial, this may be a reason to reschedule.

If in doubt, feel free to call or text us!


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