Single Property Websites & More: Our Marketing Kits

Our marketing kits are an awesome way to set yourself apart and elevate your marketing, with very little time or expense on your part. They are included with our bundles or $15 a la carte, and for that you get a whole suite of customizable marketing materials that are polished, professional, and easy to use. Our goal as your real estate photography team is to be your partner: to add tons of value, save you time, and make you look good! Our marketing kits can absolutely help with all of those things. Here's what they include & what we love about them:

Single Property Websites

This is our favorite part of the marketing kit. A dedicated single property website provides a centralized location to showcase all your listing media (photos, drone photos, video, 3D tour, floor plan, etc.). It gives you one clean url to direct online traffic to. And it looks really impressive to sellers & potential clients. With eight predesigned templates to choose from, it's super quick & easy to customize each site.

One of the best things about a single property website is that it keeps buyers focused on your listing. When they're on Zillow or Realtor, buyers' attention can easily be drawn to other houses...but with a dedicated property site, their focus will be solely on your listing, with no distractions or ads.

Another nice thing - as an agent, you'll be able to track the website traffic & other statistics, and you can share that report with your sellers.

Here is an example of a property website.

Social Media Tiles

Consistently showing up on social media is key for building your brand & reaching new clients. But creating social media posts from scratch is super time-consuming.

The marketing kit can help with that! We have eight customizable design templates for social media, making it super easy to create quality posts in very little time.

Choose your favorite design style, select photos, change the text..and boom, you're ready to post in less than five minutes!

If you currently spend a lot of time creating social media content, the marketing kit can be a huge time-saver that also gives your social media channels a more polished, consistent look.

The social media templates come in square (good for Instagram posts), vertical (good for Instagram Stories or Pinterest) and horizontal (good for Facebook - or potentially a postcard).

Site Videos

These site "videos" are actually a video slideshow of the photos, overlaid with the address. They're definitely not the same as our listing videos, but they are a nice option for social media teasers and additional marketing content. And they come included with the marketing kit at no additional cost to you!


Real estate flyers are a single page of print media with photos & property info. A traditional and expected piece of real estate marketing, flyers are effective and important for open houses. And having a nicely designed one will make you look good!

If you're spending a lot of time creating your flyers right now, you're going to love the option to create flyers quickly & easily within the marketing kit.

With twelve templates that are customizable, nicely designed, and already formatted for printing...this is an awesome benefit.

If you're interested in checking out our marketing kit, we'd be happy to give it to you free for the first time, so you can see if you'd find it valuable in the future! Use the promo code FIRSTSITEFREE when you place your order.