How to Post a Reel

Since we started offering Reels, our clients have been getting awesome results from posting them. Thousands of views, way more comments and engagement than their typical posts, gaining new followers, and reaching potential clients. We've been hearing feedback like, "Wow! I've never gotten such great response from an Instagram post!" and "Everyone loves this Reel so much! Guess I need to start doing more Reels." Reels can truly be such a great way to grow your audience, set yourself apart as an agent, show your personality, and reach your ideal clients on Instagram. But first, you gotta know how to post them! Here are the steps and some best practices. This post is kind of long and wordy because we wanted to be thorough, but we promise Reels are actually not that complicated and will become easier and easier the more you do them!

1. Download your Reel. On your phone, open your delivery email, scroll down to Download the Photos, and click the link. If you have not yet paid your invoice, you will prompted to do so, and you will also need to accept our copyright license. Now, go to "Download Videos" (at the top) and look for the Reel. Click the downloads link for the 1080p version (this is the highest quality). On an iPhone, a screen will show up that says "Open in iMovie" or"More." Click "More," then "Save Video." It should now be saved in your Photos on your phone. If you have trouble with this, feel free to reach out to us and we can text you the Reel instead.

2. Open the Instagram app. Now, open Instagram and from your home page, go to the + icon at the top right. Tap "Reel." You will will see a screen with a menu on the left side.

3. Choose your music. Tap the music icon at the top of the left hand menu. You will see a menu of popular music & trending audio under "For You" as well as a Search bar at the top where you can search for a specific song. If you do not see very good music choices in here, chances are your Instagram is set up as a business account. If so, we recommend switching your Account Type to a Creator account. This is still a professional account with access to Insights and analytics, but will allow you access to all the good music. Creator accounts are perfect for businesses based around your personal brand (such as influencers, artists, photographers, small businesses, and real estate agents) while Business accounts are ideal for bigger companies (such as Home Depot, Target, Costco, etc.). To change your account type, go back to your home page and tap the three lines at the top right, then go to Settings > Account > Switch account type.

4. Add music. When you tap a song under the Music section, it will automatically choose a portion of the song that it recommends. You can drag the slider at the bottom to listen to different portions of the song and select the portion you like best. Using popular music within Instagram will give you an algorithm boost, so we recommend checking out the songs in the "For You" section. Another tip: as you are watching Reels on other accounts, if you hear a song you like, tap the name of the song (bottom left of the Reel), then click "Save Audio." Then, when you go to post a Reel, you can go to your Saved section and choose one of those. You can see some of the Reels we've done here.

5. Add your Reel. Once you've added your music, click the thumbnail on the bottom left of your screen and select the Reel. For the Reels we create for you, they will already be edited and ready to post, no need to do any trimming or additional editing. If you're creating your own Reels, you can trim your clips by dragging the slider at the bottom. Tap the "Add" button at the top right.

6. Add text. Now, you can add text or stickers to your Reel, just like you can in Stories. Tap the "Next" button and add effects, stickers, markups, and text by tapping the icons on the top menu. On the bottom, there will be a tab for each text block or sticker you've added. Tap that tab and drag the slider at the bottom to adjust when the text shows up and disappears. Consider adding text like: "Just Listed! 123 Spokane St", the bed/bath count, the neighborhood, your favorite details about the house, and a call to action like "DM me for more info."

7. Preview. Now watch the Reel and make sure it all looks good. You're almost ready to post! If all looks good, tap Next.

8. Add your cover photo, caption, tags, and location. On this page, you can add all your finishing touches. Instagram will automatically select a cover frame from the video. You can edit this by choosing a different frame or adding a cover image from your camera roll (this cover is what will show on your profile grid in Instagram - there is a profile preview tab so you can see if you like how it looks). Next, write your caption. We recommend toggling your Reel to "Also share to Feed." You can then tag people if you wish (we'd love it if you tag us @insidespokane, but you definitely don't have to). We also recommend tapping "Add Location" and putting in the specific neighborhood or city.

9. Share it! Click "Share" and...YAY, you've just posted your first Reel!!!

10. Add hashtags and share to Stories. You're not quite done yet though. For Instagram, the best practice is to add hashtags to all of your posts (including Reels!). We recommend using local Spokane hashtags such as #spokanerealestate and #spokanehomes so that local clients can find you. It's also best practice to share your posts to Stories to give more people a chance to find you. Click the airplane/arrow icon underneath your Reel, then "Add reel to your story." Make sure to also check back later to see if anyone has commented on your Reel or DM'd you about the house. Responding to those comments and DMs is an important part of building connections on Instagram and potentially gaining new clients (or finding the right buyer for the house!).

Hope this was helpful! Let us know if you have any other questions about Reels or Instagram in general. We're happy to help!