Introducing Social Media Management & Video Content!

Spokane real estate agents and small businesses!! Do you love Instagram? Are you posting consistently with a solid strategy, and getting amazing results from it? Or...

- Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels, sinking a lot of time into social media without a real strategy?

- Do you feel confused by the ever-changing features, trends, and the dreaded algorithm?

- Do you have no idea what to post and find yourself randomly posting just to check the box, because you know you "should?"

- Does generating quality content for social media feel totally overwhelming?

- Do you wish you had enough time to actually create content you're proud of, and show up more consistently?

- Do you wish you could spend less time on social media?

- Do you wish there was someone you could trust to do an amazing job with your social media, so you'd be more free to focus on the parts of your business you actually enjoy?

That's where we come in!

We've heard all of the above, and have had SO many real estate agents tell us how social media is overwhelming and draining for them, but they know they "need" to do it. We want to help!!!!

We are partnering with Featured Media, local Spokane marketing experts, to offer bespoke content creation and social media management that's tailored to YOU.

Our goal is to help you grow your social media presence, build more connections, and generate leads in a real, authentic way, with a strategy that is specific to you.

We offer:

- Social media strategy consultations to develop a custom plan that's tailored to you, your goals, and your audience

- Resources to help you with account optimization, best practices & FAQs

- Professional content creation to elevate your brand and set you apart

- Social media management and consistent scheduling to keep you top of mind

- Monthly analysis meetings to make sure you & your brand are on track

- Quarterly or yearly strategy sessions to make sure you are hitting your success goals

All that said...let's get into it!! We are launching three packages to fit your needs and budget:

We're offering three packages to fit your needs and budget:

1. Strategy Meeting (One-Time Consultation):


- Social media strategy consultation. We'll meet with you to learn your goals and dive deep into your brand. We'll then provide you with a customized strategy + ideas for content & engagement.

A strategy meeting is for you if: You have the time and desire to create content and manage your social media accounts by yourself, but you could use some direction and expert advice to help you with a plan, so you can spend your time wisely and post with intention and strategy.

One-time investment of $300

2. Social Media Management (Monthly Subscription):


- Social media strategy meetings (initial consultation + quarterly): We'll meet with you to learn your goals and dive deep into your brand. We'll then provide you with a customized strategy + ideas for content & engagement.

- Monthly plan for content that matches your strategy

- Instagram scheduling & posting - Custom copywriting that's tailored to your voice - Adding hashtags that fit your audience & goals

- Monthly review of your Instagram Insights

- Group DM chat where we help you brainstorm content ideas & stay on top of trends, and you can ask any questions as they come up!

- Extra content collection at your listings (things like behind the scenes, detail shots, agent intro bloopers, etc.)

Social media management is for you if: You know social media is important for your business, but you just don't have the time, desire, or bandwidth to do a great job of running your social media channels on your own.

Monthly investment of $500, or $450/month with a year-long contract.

3. Custom Content Creation:

Options include:

- Professionally shot video content (Inside Spokane). Think client testimonials, an "about me" video for your website, or quick videos sharing your local expertise and answers to common questions. This can be both long form videos for your website and/or short form Reels for social media. We'll deliver them edited and ready to post.

- Creative iPhone Reels (Featured Media). We'll help you come up with ideas for entertaining, trending Reels...and film & edit them for you. Think quick, funny or educational Reels to help you share your personality and reach new clients.

- Branding photography (branding photographer partners). Social media is social, so showing your face and sharing who you are will really help people to connect with you. Branding photos give you quality images to share on social media, introduce yourself every so often, and use as cover images for your Reels and videos.

Content creation is for you if: you know consistent, quality, original content is the key to building your brand on social media, but you don't have the time, skills, or desire to create all that content by yourself.

Investment: $1000 for up to 2 hours of shooting professional video. / $250 for up to 30 min of shooting branding photos / $200 for up to 1 hour of shooting iPhone Reels. These content creation sessions can be booked separately, or all together in one big content creation day.

No matter what level of help you need, we would love to come alongside you as your marketing partner and an extension of your brand!

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