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A Few Examples of Our Virtual Twilights

We love a good sunset as much as the next person. And when we're browsing houses, the twilight photos are definitely attention-grabbers. But, because real twilight photos have to be shot in the evening, they require a separate trip to the property during the exact time that we’re usually hanging out with our kids and putting them to bed (especially in the summer). Real twilights are also more inconvenient for your sellers, who have to keep their cars parked off the driveway, turn on all the lights for the second time that day, and remember to stay out of the windows.

That’s why we personally loooove virtual twilights. They’re the best of both worlds. You still get those stunning, attention-grabbing, warm & glowy twilight photos…but they don’t add any extra time on-site (everything is done in editing!). Of course, if real twilights are important for your listing, we’re happy to do them for you! There are some thing that are hard to capture virtually (like if there is a view of the city with all the lights lit up). But we can do quite a bit with virtual twilights - we can light up string lights, exterior lights, and landscaping lights, add fire to a backyard fire pit, and of course we'll make sure the windows are glowing warmly. Plus we can guarantee a spectacular sunset sky. ;)

Here are some examples!

P.S. Virtual twilights are super cost-effective: just $25/photo or $65 for 3 angles.


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